Now the tree is cultivated around the world due to its various uses in food. It was one of our most popular dresses from Summer 19/20 so we have brought it back this year in new seasonal prints. The Green Zebra is another really fun tomato. Before planting this variety, carefully read its characteristics. 16 oz. Mark’s choice: You are probably looking for a tomato over 100g for sauce. One of the high-scoring all-trans-lycopene tomatoes is the heritage variety Burbank (score 8.56), a flavourful, medium-sized tomato available from Koanga Institute. Another one of the hybrid cultivars from IARI, Delhi, it is an average yielding variety of tomatoes. They are easier to manage and don’t catch the big winds, which I occasionally get, living on a ridge.”. His secret is to use plenty of organic matter to enhance his soil. Here is a list of some Summer Tomato Varieties in India. It’s an Environmental Fertiliser product, certified organic. It produces abundant, grape-like bunches of cherry tomatoes until first frost. This variety is also suitable for year-round cultivation with a special resistance towards heat and humidity. The Summer Sun tomato species belongs to a variety of cherry varieties and was called Summer Sun among gardeners, which emphasizes the main feature of the fruit in the form of a bright rich yellow color. WHAT’S THE MOST UNUSUAL TOMATO YOU CAN FIND? Kay’s Choice: Black Cherry Burbank, Margaret Curtain, Oxheart, Riverside Market, Island Bay, Small Sweet Orange and Tommy Toe win our trials every year. Gerard’s choice: Black Cherry and Gardener’s Delight, although the new Patio Choice Yellow will push for second or third place. However, if you are someone (like me) that loves making different dishes with fried green tomatoes, then this could be a great tomato variety to grow. They are bred for their disease resistance and high yields. FEATURES | Sleeveless smock style Midi It is a larger green tomato that has yellow stripes running down it like a Zebra has stripes. As with all garden endeavors, choosing the right variety is the first and foremost way to succeed whether you’re considering roses, apples, tomatoes, or any other plant. Tomato plants often abort flowers when temperatures are too high. Summer Star has good cooking and processing attributes. Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus is a world-wide virus disease that affects the growth of peppers and tomatoes. The mass of positive reviews about Volgogradskiy tomatoes over the years makes it one of the most frequently grown varieties on … eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'indiagardening_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',115,'0','0'])); Its fruits are red in color with a light green color at the top with medium size and oval shape. After collating variety recommendations from Maine to California, we compared our emerging list of names with those that won top ratings in tomato taste tests around the country. Type: Virus - Tospovirus. Tomato buzz. Tomato ranks third among the highest cultivated crops in the world after sweet potato and potato. However, tetra-cis-lycopene has good bioavailability when the tomato is consumed fresh, which is what many people prefer. Summer of Love is a variety created by Brad Gates from his well-known Berkeley Tie Dye line and introduced by Wild Boar Farms. Tomato Summer Cider is a mid-season, semi-determinant, high-yielding variety recommended for growing outdoors or in film shelters. He has a taste for cherry tomatoes (most of which are indeterminate) and some determinate varieties like Baxter’s Early Blush, Green Grape and Golden Nugget. This variety produces medium-sized fruits that are round in shape and have a firm but thick pulp. They can also be served fresh, if that’s your preference, or used to top pizzas. Tomatoes are native to southern or central America. Whichever tomato you choose, choose it with its end-purpose in mind. Gerard’s choice: Hybrids to get them a bit earlier: Andiamo, Best Boy Bush and Early Doll. Many are prolific producers and have been bred to prevent splitting and withstand diseases. This improved Berkeley Tye-Die produces a larger yield and ripens earlier. It’s a beautiful golden colour and very appealing to children. Mark’s choice: Moonglow, winner of an heirloom tomato tasting competition in the USA, has a tetra-cis-lycopene level of 5.38. “It is necessary to chemically analyse each tomato variety to verify whether or not it contains tetra-cis-lycopene.”. With fresh tomato juices bursting with the flavor of sunshine, the next question is, what variety is the perfect match for you and your garden? Kay’s choice: The overall healthiest depends upon how they are eaten; cooked and then fermented is best – way, way more nutrition (as shown in Koanga’s cook book Body and Soul). It’s hard to resist some of the names too: Amazon Chocolate, Black Elephant, Bloody Butcher, Berkeley Tie Dye Pink, Vintage Wine. Tomato variety Summer resident of early ripening. If you can’t find it, try ‘Santonio’, a new F1 variety, instead. Discover our top picks to choose from this spring. Summerpick is great for gardens of any size. Let’s have a look at the best Summer Tomato Varieties in India! The Summer Set variety is both heat and humidity resistant. Mark’s Choice: Golden Eye, a small golden cherry with the highest level of beta- carotene. PREORDER SHIPPING: On or before the 18th December. Tomatoes are an important crop in India as well. Koanga grows its tomatoes to be as nutrient-dense as possible. It has a semi determinate growth habit and is an early bearing variety producing large round shaped fruits.