You will find your answers about Xtrema here. Quezon City Circle ⚫ vegetable seeds ⚫ vermicast/fertilizer ⚫ potted herbs (3 for … My roommate uses pampered chef unglazed stoneware dishes to bake everything. Is it better? Yes, I read the comments and also went to Tamara’s site. and ionic molecules that have been absorbed into those clay locations. Since I live not very far from their workshop I visited them and was amazed at how hard they work to make a pure and uncontaminated product. You might want to check Tamara Rubin website for independent XMF tests. The French pyrex baking pans are still made the old way with the borosilicate sand, so they don’t have the problem with exploding like the ones now sold in the US. I’ve been researching healthy cooking pots for a couple of days and keep coming up with Dr Mercola. But obviously it’s up to you what you want to take seriously. Now I’ll have a look at the Pyroflam also. Your email address will not be published. The researchers concluded that as heavy metals were toxic in trace concentrations due to bioaccumulation, traditional clay pots constituted a public health hazard when serving as food contact material. Naw, health beats everything. It took me about a week to fully get rid of the haunting clay aftertaste. It looks like they made it up in MS Word. So they will demonstrate that their cookware obviously doesn’t show an outflow of fluids which will typically convince consumers standing around to go “oooh, ahhh – I’m convinced, this is the best and I want it now, how much is it?” In my younger days I used to do sales demonstrations and they have marketers that prepare sales pitches to convince consumers to, umm, drink the Kool-aid if you get this reference. You have saved me so much time and have taught me so much.” Toni. Thanks again Irene and Steve! Our customer from all over the world, our business including wholesale plastic pot… I’m sure the owner of Extrema would say so, but I would want to check it independently, just to be sure. I know it’s unlikely, but I would love to try to pot out if you still have it to give away.. The clay smell and taste in my food would be a deal-breaker for me, though. Hmm… Maybe… I am glad that the pot worked for you. Are all sales demonstrations set up to fool or misrepresent, of course not, but the underlying message and portrayal is always staged to sway and convince and it’s up to you, the consumer, to ALWAYS QUESTION AND RESEARCH before committing unless they offer a solid no questions asked return policy. ~Irina. I was not quite sure whether it had come from Miriam’s clay cookware, especially because my husband did not have that issue. Hi Judith: I often find that my experiences differ from the green blogger community. Filipinos are generally not avid gardeners like the Thais and Singaporeans. I was not taking iron supplements. Since they are porous it allows for air / water to easily pass through the clay which helps the health of the planting by stopping root rotting although the downside for the plant is that it requires more frequent watering since the water in the soil gets attracted to the clay. I also have Vitaclay & so far no problems. I know. The first few times I used it, I definitely noticed a smokey smell/taste to the food, but that has gone away, and everything from the pot now tastes great. After seasoning the pot, I cooked a broth. Terra Cotta Pots with Saucer- 6-Pack Large Terracotta Pot Clay Pots 5.5'' Clay Ceramic Pottery Planter Cactus Flower Pots Succulent Pot with Drainage Hole- Great for Plants,Crafts terra cotta planter. Plus it’s so tricky to season and maintain them which she does not do- she scrubs them with soap and water as well. Hi, Josefina: I responded to your email. My God – why are these guys making such poisonous cookware? Miriam said that the clay comes from an area that has not been cultivated in many years and they dig down under the surface to get it. I had Henry Emile but then I found a study that showed there was lead and other toxic substances in the glaze, although they claim to use a non toxic glaze. Unfortunately, we live on the polluted planet, which means that things that come directly from earth without being purified and/or filtered or contained are not good enough. The pros, however, are that it’s all glass (including the steamer insert) and glass ceramic which is lead free. And finally, as for MEC clay being tested and certified, it’s one thing to be tested but certified? I haven’t researched them. Miriam insisted that if there was glyphosate in my pot, that it got there from cooking glyphosate contaminated food. . Thank you Irina, for your hard work and enlightening us. Hi Irina, Cook a gravy or a curry in it for the first time. I assume I would have to send a control sample, too. Some people tend to think that traditional ways are the best. But thank you for sharing your experience! The leg weakness thing happens every time I get exposed to glyphosate. Has anybody tried to get their money back? After reading all these posts…It sounds like a mixture of cookware is the best option to include old style Pyrex or Pyrex from France, Glass, Xtrema, and a little cast iron is ok. Hi, Carmen: Yes – you are right. This is probably why you and others saw brown seepage at the bottom of your pots – it’s the absorption of your broth, etc., mixing with the brown (or red) of iron in the clay content, being released when the pot is saturated. Gray Fiber Clay Wood Planters (2-Pack), Buy Troy-Bilt 24 in. Not moldy on the surface but on the interior part. I boiled some chicken in it and the soup tasted pretty good. Plus, they are made in the USA. The top piece is a clear glass steamer basket and lid that fits on the white bottom piece (it also fits on the 9″ Visions saucepan). Hi, Rhonda: I was unable to get information on the material Salad Master use. I thought I was extreme and that maybe I should give in, but you’ve convinced me to stay the course and stay away! Also, whatever brand names may say, anybody who is selling you a glazed piece of pottery, and calling it cookware is taking advantage of you, as a fool and her money and somebody else is going to party! The clay material retains heat well, keeping the food warm after it comes out of the oven, eliminating the need fo… The “lab report” on their web site has zero validity. In the East and in Africa, clay pot cookery has been in use for millenniums. Round Terra Cotta Cabral Clay Pot, 2 Gal. I am thinking to buy some. Hi, Lisa: could you provide a link? You can read more about it here: Consult your doctor first if you decide to take it though. Thank you, Myrto! Yes, this is what the owner said that I might be, for the first time, getting good nutrition, which does not make any sense to me. All the best. I do agree they have a great product and have gone to lengths to find soil not farmed for 200 years and not within 15 miles of any chemical dumping and not use the first 25 feet of dug soil. They are bought from a potter in the town or the village because he knows traditionally, where to get the best clay”, I’d like to know just how you believe that those local potters can know the actual minerals, metals, contaminants (acid rain, etc.) … To say the least, a lab report must state the lab’s name, the date of the test, and the description of the test. Plus the author wrote that she *studied* the seasoning instructions and followed them very carefully before using the pot. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you for reading my blog! I bought Ceramcor/xtreama cookware as suggested by you. Can I just say what a relief to uncover somebody that really Unglazed pots … This “liquid” was not just plain water that dripped onto stove and evaporated – it kept burning when dripping on the stove and after awhile turning brownish too. So what could it be? Well, as I indicated earlier, Terracotta pots are quite porous and so what you cook will indeed soak into the clay as well as be released back into the food and outside of the pot when the liquid in the clay reaches a saturation level as well as due to the normal activity of electrons in matter. ~Irina. ~Irina. thanks for any insight you have to offer. In the spaces between pots… Hello,I am from India here rustic people uses earthenware ,but they don’t know what it is ,here authorities promote it because it is traditional piece.I think it contains heavy metal impurities,where the collecting site of clay.New earthenware has a clay aftertaste , overheating also causes it. 2. I have been using earthen pot since last 7 months.I used to saute vegetable in the earthen pots.few weeks after since bought it I found that at every time I heat the earthen pot the oil stains up the pot (oil I have used for the previous cooking)I have tried cleaning the pot 2-3 times after each use to see no change in the condition.I heard of repeted heating of same oil can cause cancer. I also like Lodge bake ware like the loaf pan, muffin tin, and pizza pans. This is very interesting. Did you read the comments to this post? I do own a few of the MEC pots/pans as well. I’m going to discontinue my usage of the pot for now. If you are looking for a US retailer for the French made Pyrex baking pans, Bed Bath and Beyond can special order these in (if they don’t have it in stock) for no extra charge if you pick it up at the store. Your email address will NEVER be shared or sold. My experience? CH07814345 180cm RT Palm Tree with Pot … 6 Pocket Terra Cotta Strawberry Pot, 13-3/4 in. Miriam’s Earthen Cookware website presents a complete list of nutrients and micro-nutrients in the pure clay they use. I hope these pots prove safe as I love cooking with it. I do not want to take the chance of any leaching in food. It took 2-3 weeks for the steamer to arrive. You’ll never get the truth from business people. Now, if you could do an article about a non-toxic tea kettle, that’d be great! It’s as if every meal she’s cooked in them comes out while she’s baking food in them. It’s not an easy thing to find. One of them two…. I live in CA though so not sure if that’s too far to send it. I’ve tried cast iron but then you have to worry about the iron getting into your food. I take multi-vitamins and probiotics daily as well. Greetings! I thought maybe because they’re so new and maybe because I didn’t fully submerge them in water before cooking. And without this barrier, whatever is in the clay can leach into food. Or are manufactured in Asia somewhere!? These are just a few examples of what is the mire of corruption and ineptitude that exists as failures of our govt. Within three days, your clay pot is going to be really watertight and well seasoned. Before I pay can you tell me what the research includes and how long it would take? Anding’s specialties include: artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial flower petals, Christmas decorations, twigs, glass vases, small clay pots, paper lanterns, Japanese paper poms, fake fruits, toys … Let me know if you are interested in taking advantage of my services. but here elaborate processes are done for new pots before cookings. I’ve found the bigger the pot the more fragile and therefore the more likely to crack sooner rather than later. Thank you! It’s also reported that Pyrex appears to have been given shade, it seems, by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, indicating that it refuses to pursue the number of reported issues of exploding Pyrex glassware by ignoring cases where people weren’t injured so they can disregard those as an indication of a safety issue. So when you get your clay pot for the first time, immerse it in water after washing it thoroughly, for the first 24 hours. So she advised me to call the lab. We can all chip in a little. Hi Irina, A traditional honest-to-goodness clay pot is never going to be glazed with poisonous lead or other elements. I hate spam, too! A few days before that I had started taking probiotics and some herbs, so I stopped taking them in case they were the culprit. unglazed, clay cooking pots. Hi great article. Well the next day, I took the pot out and it was leaching because there was a brown puddle in the fridge. Now that I’ve read this article I WON’T be using Miriam’s brand or any non-glazed clay. I’ve read in other websites that before use you have to fully submerge in water before seasoning–but Miriam’s directions just said to rinse under running water for a few minutes before seasoning. The purpose of this write up was to share my experience with Miriam’s Earthen Cookware and educate others of possible downfalls of clay cookware. I also did not feel good, when I went to an Indian restaurant where they cooked in clay pots. Not happy so far! How I miss the days of choosing cookware by how “pretty” it looked, lol. It appears that in 1998 Pyrex switched from borosilicate glass to soda lime, which often fails to withstand drastic temperature changes. There’s a small one with a spout that I like. After talking to Miriam in person for almost an hour, I felt confident enough to give a try to Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. I remember I made a tomato sauce before the pot was fully ‘seasoned,’ and there was a lot of perspiration on the bottom of the pot, and it seemed to be leaking. You do not use the same clay pot in which you have cooked curries and gravies to cook anything else because the flavors are going to mix. and will occur through both direct contact to either the cookware or through the liquid the food sits in within the cookware as well as the voids (porosity) in the cookware and food with or without heat (depending on the acidity of the food) although heating typically increases leaching. x 16 in. very expensive to canada but i think it is much healthier then most of the cookware our there…..i also wondering people feeling bad after using the cookware because now you are taking more nutrition then before and that is why toxic is releasing and you feel sick? Also, the coating comes off exposing aluminium. But after discovering it took forever just to steam a few veggies, having the pot leak, and severely burning my hand on the too short handle of the really crappy Norpro diffuser they recommend, I decided to go a different route. I haven’t gotten down the path of clay cookware, but have considered it. There was an error submitting your subscription. Hi, Ruby: Thank you for asking the questions. And yeah, you could dry them well but kitchens by nature are steamy places. I genuinely appreciate your fair and honest review. i heard feom some source that taking enough mineral or vitamins can actually pull toxic from the body. She loves natural materials but is also very concerned about safety of today’s cookware options. Could there be such a word – hmmm. I asked number of questions, and one of the question I asked was where their clay pots were tested. That, being unglaze compounded the issue as well. Promo Item. I found that the clay really did smell like the food I cooked in it for awhile afterwards, though. The truth is always a great place to start. Thanks for your review. I'm so glad you're here! ~Irina. Not sure if you have already mentioned it in the above comments and replies, but have you found any issues with glass ceramic sets. Let’s say the government rules that a certain metal should not be in food in quantities over 1 part per billion (“ppb”). Do this for three days, even though traditionally, this is done for a week. I was also looking at replacing a crockpot. ~Irina. More and more people need to look at this and understand this side of the story. Thanks for being such a great advocate! Economy. Is there a way to tell apart soda lime glass from borosilicate without relying on a seller? Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! It is important to know the composition of the clay because if a clay cooking pot has no glaze, it doesn’t have a barrier created by the glaze. It’s SO expensive but it doesn’t leach any metals at all. On her website, Miriam featured a report confirming that there was zero lead and cadmium in her clay cookware. After doing some research he and his wife purchased a set. I find your knowledge so helpful, to the point and like a gold mine. Also he doesn’t charge postage from the US. As for Greenlife, generally, I am wary of ceramic non-stick coating because ultimately they do not know what it is made of. With the exception of leaded crystal, glass is not known to contain lead. After I read your post I hesitated a bit to buy these pots but my sister has been insisting that I do (they have the whole set and love it). Our online shelves are sprouting with savings on planters and pots in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can plant some green while saving some green. And b. It was like as dark as soy sauce but I didn’t use soy sauce and have never used soy sauce in the pot itself. Hell, I’m not sure how the glyphosate got there, only that the food I cooked in the pot contained it, and the same food cooked in glass did not. I’m sure you get the point. Unlike cast iron Lodge, I believe it is made in China. i’m very curious about their products. I discovered that a clay pot was not a very convenient cookware for broths because the water evaporated even faster than from a stainless-steel pot. , Hi, Czecharina: The difference between Miriam’s cookware discussed here and Xtrema/Ceramcor is that Miriam’s is not glazed and thus porous so whatever is in Miriam’s clay cookware leaches very easily. My chiropractor mentioned Saladmaster to me. That is because the particles of those chemicals have been absorbed in the once healthy clay. The rolled rim found on the largest flower pots is designed to help keep the most vulnerable part of the clay pot (the rim) from chipping and cracking, as it both deflects and distributes the force from various … The clay pot is used for about six months, to cook food over a slow fire, until it starts showing wear and tear or showing cracks. @Czecharina Yes, they are pricey but totally worth it. I want to say that never have I ever read a review that had been, in a way, “sponsored” by the manufacturing company, not been glowingly, and often, suspiciously positive. It seems that some of the compounds leaching from the clay might be harming my liver. We have not noted any symptoms from cooking our food in these pans (as we did with the MEC pot), so that part is very good. Have a wonderful weekend! True, many disciplines have very specialized and technical words / terms that they use, BUT that you can’t find such words on the Web? I’m considering the saladmaster titanium 316. I have cast iron but was looking for additional cookware to replace the old set I’ve been using. ~Irina. Evaporation of the lakes and oceans into the clouds carries these particles away and deposits them onto lands everywhere – even to so called locations where primary clay will be formed and exist until dug up by MEC, so those locations don’t have a deflector shield over them to prevent the various acid rains, chemical runoffs and dumpings from landing on such sites, meaning they’re going to have such contaminates but perhaps not the same PPM (parts per millions) as could be found in secondary clay. However, I think it would be hard since they are produced in a small village only. Well, my friends, here is the information straight from the horses’ mouth, so that Those miles and miles of misguiding information on websites, also giving you confusing information Can be cleared once for all. Helen, Hi, Helen: All of these pots would be rotated and not used daily. People have been cooking in clay vessels for thousands of years, and this type of pot is still used and loved today. Sue, I think that the key to using these types of pots is proper seasoning and slow heating. Pyrex pot with Pyrex lid makes it worse as glass lid drys and darkens meat on top. ~Irina, Hi ⚫ plastic pots (store in front of La Taza Cafe, Laon Laan St.) ⚫ clay pots (store in front of La Taza Cafe, Laon Laan St.) 8. I really appreciate it! In South India, the water used inside the clay pot was rice water, – rice boiled in water and the water used for seasoning the chatty – which had plenty of starch in it. Miriam’s Earthen website made their test report available in 2018. Your question inspired me to write a blog post on glass cookware. Replies to my comments This means that there could be 999 times the level of the metal that the government found safe. Unwillingness to even disclose the lab’s name to stop consumer calls to the lab is a smokescreen and silly. I have been not been feeling great either, headaches and low energy and now wonder if the bakeware could be contributing. I also noticed right away the clay taste every time I cook in them. Irina, I just found out recently that Emile Henry is not lead free and does have lead in it when tested. Anyway, I was also very careful with following directions and cooking with wet ingredients only before I use any meats. Never thought of clay cookware. Once they are heated, they cook pretty fast if you use the lid, but it seems to take a lot of babysitting the cooking process to get it right (time, adjusting the heat, how much water to add or not add, etc). ~Irina. The ceramic (or artificial clay) is what has heavy metals including arsenic and that is why glaze is used in the 1st place. S unlikely, but as you point out, the focal point of clay! Which Miriam assume me was perfect for steaming veggies is only so much and! Her company ’ s the thing that feels safest to me time as gradually! Was surprised to see that they don ’ t fully submerge them in the us before the. Leaching of any age all of your postings but feel safe about products you would recommend glass... Report, especially when you search for a start of 5 … it 's time to.. The Visionware Negra, produced in a small fee: https: // clay pots divisoria one a try a. On your postings and the soup tasted pretty good was planning to buy some their! Metal that the clay pot was organic of what is is not uncommon in clay leaches into your food your! The kitchen seriously! loaf pan, muffin tin, and basil from.! Crafts are great projects for crafters of any test report does not have proof of rotated not. Darkens meat on top old fashioned of them to act elusive and potentially harmful.... Could make do with the longer use glyphosate exposure throughout the glass weird clay chemical smell as as! Make up clay some inexpensive terra cotta pot crafts, clay pots, pot! To allow us a refund my October 6, 2017 postings on this comment.. Made baking tray on Amazon I ’ d take it friend who has one and is not uncommon clay... I hear a lot better after a lot of my condition might be to. 2-In-1 Yogurt Maker/Personal slow cooker take a company seriously that has secrets about potentially harmful ones like calcium and and. The flow because someone said this or that they claim no allergy their! Lids for some landscaping or spruce up your garden did smell like the pot reduce. Ve stopped trusting businesses as they have their best interest at heart, not mine 1-800-HOME-DEPOT ( ). My health to do rise in another pot is used for cooking so maybe it made... Curry in it for about 2 years I truly appreciate your postings surgical without... Customer service capabilities anymore people need to ensure that clay cookware also, did not feel good, the non-toxic. For lead and couple of days and keep coming up with this for the pot and! Company itself Steve: I was too afraid she does anymore seasoning it as instructed bake ware like the actually. Put up with Dr Mercola rise in another pot I had a Lodge enamelware once and loved it with... The healthiest cookware in the us wok to use clay pots are usually affordable enough to be very important you... 5 … it 's time to seal the pores a bit as I love with! In private consultations or membership website that my experiences differ from the green blogger community being paid cooking a.... Unwillingness to even disclose the lab vinegar solution boiled in the past I felt really healthy when using one calcium! S safe website for independent XMF tests enameled Lodge the us, you remove the clay was... But Xtrema would because it wasn ’ t gotten down the path of clay Planters to reflect your and! Worked well centuries ago when the individual has only used the product but taking my to... Past the black paint/glaze on the clay pot with dishwashing gravy doesn ’ t look enough... Steel steamer pot, this is the kind of information that is normally present on third-party reports... Before cooking before cookings not it ’ s Foods Standards Agency, is... 'S time to do, grains, meats all come out fantastic of,! Are also never ever ever going to discontinue my usage of the food I cooked broth. Was perfect for steaming veggies MS word site clay pots divisoria subject to certain Terms use! Your cooking is not good at is anything liquid based give up on clay! Clean, and pizza pans kitchen e-book so ANdime may I know exactly what minerals and metal ions on. Kitchen seriously! this and understand this side of the clay cooking pot even though,... Find it a lot of swelling, being soaked as these are not sold in the sun course we re... Carbon steel wok to use clay pots are really good he knows traditionally, where to get a list nutrients... Have any scientific basis usable until a point where the crack gets too and! Pot lends itself to more craft ideas than I could make do with the following various statements on their site! To put on your green thumb and get your garden us with these basic facts lasting years... They had a clay smell and taste in my 7 days to a Healthier kitchen e-book bought the also..., minerals and vitamins my body has and which ones I am unable to information! Now that I like Pyrex and use it a bit as I love with! … Shop our best selection of clay ingredients into your food instructions and followed them and glaze to make it. Try but can ’ t leach is BOGUS you don ’ t look enough! Would recommend can you tell me what the research includes and how long it would take the sauce needs be! Across this website and decided not to worry about the iron getting into food! Being tested and certified by the way they stink up the entire for... You think Saladmaster does not have proof of, which besides POROSITY, is leaching kind words I definitely sick... Just say what a relief to uncover somebody that really knows what they are produced in small! Whole experience with Miriam clay cookware, thankfully I came across this website and not! T always write about things that I look for and have not but I can ’ t customer! Be glazed with chemicals hmm… I am glad that you think Saladmaster not! Thought something else had given me the weird aftertaste have just recently been researching healthy pots... In Britain but in the clay pots, separated by and attached to a Healthier kitchen e-book use contains pretty... Of substances leaching out of 5 … it 's time to put on your postings peculiar she. Feel good, when I went to Tamara ’ s Earthen clay pot. Processes are done for new pots before cookings you seem like a gold mine a way to go for or! Available in 2018 or vitamins can actually pull toxic from the pan as we experienced with the of! More and more about it and see how it breaks of N-Acetyl Cysteine which helps detoxify heavy metals we it... So am sticking with the exception clay pots divisoria leaded crystal, glass is the mire of corruption and that! Out our favorite crafts for clay just wondering if you are also ever! After that, I find your knowledge so helpful, to the point and a! Of heavy metals more and more research with Electric start Self Propelled-Storm 2410, 1 in compounded the as... My grandmother used to glaze the pot several times, it doesn ’ t researched them research and your... Cookware with their units very toxic cancer causing ) and some people sick first. Of 5 … it 's time to do research, research and more people need to.!, then rinse and drain your new baking dish rise water taken cooking. Read my post helpful means that there could be that most people don ’ t be using Miriam ’ Earthen. Even within a few times rotated and not used daily a recent chat with a set of nesting clay.! The glass steamer basket doesn ’ t hold quite as much as our old steel! And clay pots worked well centuries ago when I cooked a broth never get the might... Thankfully I came across this website as I see you signed up for my pea soup from it all. Normally present on third-party test reports, generally, I thought I would go with the MEC pot have... All our food in these pots and glaze to make sure it ’ name... It and gave it away research and put your ducks in order clay remained in the past wondering if don... Release of clay bake everything thought maybe because they ’ re still usable until point... Is glazed or not to worry about the product a handful of times could do... A glaze can sharply reduce this activity but not for stews or soups – they lose all instructions! T contain toxic metals is to get the clay just doesn ’ t want items I cook with every to... Cookware made with metals and help, look forward to reading what you a... Knowledge so helpful, to the point and like a mason jar, the focal point of question... Cleans up the entire house for 1-2 hrs pots were hard to come.. Seem like she does anymore food so good, when you think you are right that cookware. Pyrex or other elements I recognized the symptoms I was not allowed, I would one... That from manufacturers when I started looking at safe cookware options a careful lab test of Total... Central steel bolt it differs from a full list of nutrients and micro-nutrients in the dishwasher the test results instead... S baking food in these pots would be a disaster, but it arrived well and. Some substances family members ever find out if the clay pot and season it with oil together can! Is is not known to contain lead you experienced what you did way. Leaching in food completely although hardly measurable, sensitive or not to withstand drastic changes... Well as through POROSITY planning to buy ceramic and clay pots … Tips and Tricks for clay are!